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When having problems with “men’s ability”, most men come up with the idea of using Western medicines or Oriental medicines to intensify the sexual ability, especially drugs of virility strengthening and kidney tonifying usually advertised as the miraculous remedies for treating all diseases, which are considered promising selections, etc. Believing in words of mouth or advertisements, patients are more likely to fall into subjectivity and use such tonics despite not be diagnosed whether being suffered “kidney asthenia” or not according to conceptions of Traditional medicine. to Traditional medicine, reasons causing complicated physical disorders are psychological and sentimental elements (qing zhi yu jie or affect-mind binding depression), unreasonable eating habits (yin shi bu tiao or irregular food intake), pathologies from the surroundings like coldness and dampness (the infection of six evils), etc., licentious sexual activity (fang shi guo du or overindulgence in sex), old age asthenia (nian gao ti ruo), chronic illnesses (jiu bing chu lei or grievous chronic illnesses), or because of inherited innate diseases (bing shou xian tian bu zu or inherited innateness deficiency), etc.

Most of the reasons causing the disorder of “the lower part of the body does not obey the upper” are psychological and sentimental elements (qing zhi yu jie) or licentious sexual activity (fang shi guo du). The libido is a natural instinct; thus, if we don’t moderate it, we are at high risk of the gradual deficiency of health in general and the gradual decrease of life quality. Sexual excitement makes the hyperactivity of vital gate fire (kidney fire) and the outbreak of monarch fire (heart fire). Both vital gate fire and monarch fire are motivated intensively in the excitement process and consume a plenty of primordial energy. If sexual intercourse or masturbation occur too frequently, the body don’t have enough time to revive, causing the exhaustion of yin vital essence and yang energy, and such illnesses as kidney asthenia and sexuality (like infertility, impotence, seminal emission, nortunal emission)  or consumptive diseases (like skinny, anxiety, palpitations, dizziness, tinnitus, feeling hot in bone, weak memory, rapid aging, etc.)  

Here in, the most common form of disease is Kidney yang asthenia or Both yin and yang asthenia (usually manifested as nortunal emission, impotence, vertigo, tinnitus, back fatigue, mental exhaustion, etc.). Therefore, the primary treating method is sexuality moderation, or at best abstaining from sexual activity in the time of therapy, having a healthy lifestyle, focusing on sports and excercises. The treatment method for this form of disease is based on the fundamental remedies Liuwei bushen yin and Bawei bushen yang – the 2 most important kidney tonifying remedies in Traditional medicine. According to the specific physical properties whether plenitude, asthenia, coldness or heat, the remedies can be modified. Another form of illness that is less common is Fire excess due to the yin asthenia (manifested as restless sleep, lots of dreams, seminal emission, dizziness, rapid heart rates, mental fatigue, etc.).

Pill of Six ingredients for tonifying kidney yin

Pill of Eight ingredients for tonifying kidney yang


Forms of disease

Therapeutic methods for reference

Treatment based on categorical identification

Yang asthenia

Use Bawei bushen yang for a short period of time (the time of therapy depends on specific physical properties and the determination to change the lifestyle of the patients)

The remedy Bawei bushen yang has such main ingredients as Radix aconitum, Cortex cinnamomi owning the effects of warming and recuperating kidney yang. In this remedy, there also exist ingredients of the Liuwei remedy which have the effects of tonifying the kidney yin in order to establish the balance of yin and yang, resulting in kidney energy sufficiency, making such symptoms caused by kidney yang asthenia as backache, limpness of the knees, coldness in the lower part of the body, frequent or incontinent urination autonomically cured.

Both yin and yang asthenia due to licentious sexual activity

Firstly, use Bawei bushen yang (the time of therapy depends on specific physical properties and the determination to change the lifestyle of the patients) until such symptoms as seminal emission, nortunal emission, fear of coldness are improved significantly; then complemently use Liuwei bushen yin.

With the treatment based on categorical identification similar to above, it is necessary to use the Bushen yang remedy to warm and recuperate both kidney yin and kidney yang, improving symptoms, then continue to use the remedy Bushen yin  according a statement in the theory of I Ching, “Yang is usually excessive, yin is usually insufficient”. Thus, the tonifying of the kidney yin is definitely necessary in order to establish the balance between yin and yang based on I Ching.

Yin and yang deficiency due to old age asthenia or chronic illnesses causing health deficiency.

Minh Mang decoction (also called “Decoction for five times of intercourse in one night”) usually soaked in alcohol for oral use.

18 herbs are combined to create the effects of replenishing both energy, blood, yin and yang; thus, tonifying the kidney and consolidating the vital essence, intensifying the tendons and strengthening the bones, as well as dispersing liver fire and brightening the eyes, nourishing heart and tranquilizing. As a result, the remedy has the synergistic effectiveness that helps to treat such symptoms of kidney yin and kidney yang asthenia as fatigue, asthenia, loss of appetite, sleep deprivation, pain in the bone and joint, nocturia, dizziness, weak memory, premature graying of hair, alopecia, sexual weakness.

Excess of fire due to yin deficiency

“Zhi bai di huang tang” (Anemarrhena, Phellodendron and Rehmannia decoction) modified.

According to the principles that Kidney should only be tonified, not be dispersed, the asthenia of kidney yin and the excess of yang can be treated by nourishing yin, repressing fire, tranquilizing, consolidating vital essence. Therefore, the remedy combining Liuwei bushen yin and herbs of Zhi bai di huang decoction has the strong repressing fire effect.

Impotence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation

The herb Land caltrops (Tribulus terrestris)

The extract from Land caltrops has the effects of calming the liver and repressing hyperactive yang. According to recent researches on Land caltrops, the extract from the herb contains the group of saponins, especially the substance Protodioscine acting as a sexuality stimulant.
As stated in Chinese material medica, the Land caltrops extract has the effects of increasing libido in men, improving and prolonging erectile duration, boosting the quantity and movement of sperms.

As reported by the practical clinical application, several middle-aged and old-aged people suffer impotence although the body is still totally healthy, not having any signal of the kidney yin deficiency syndrome according to the conception of Oriental medicine, but manifested as premature ejaculation, deficiency in the quality of semen, erectile dysfunction, sexual apathy, impotence, etc. In such situations, the patients can use the supporting product containing the herb Land caltrops because the saponins compounds of Land caltrops have the effects as a sexuality stimulant. Results of a modern pharmacological research at National university of Singapore and University of Bulgaria exhibited the safety and effectiveness of the compound Protodioscine derived from the herb Land caltrops for the erectile dysfunction syndrome.

OP.Tribecap contains Extract of Land caltrops (Tribulus terrestris) 250 mg; Nicotinamide 10 mg and Zinc gluconate 69,6 mg (equivalent to Zinc 10 mg) – combining the effectiveness for supportively treating premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

premature ejaculation– erectile dysfunction

Nevertheless, it is noted that for people with weak physical condition, kidney deficiency due to old age, frequent loss of appetite and sleep, mental asthenia or seminal emission and nortunal emission, the patients should use remedies of tonifying both kidney yin and kidney yang for a long period of time, helping invigorating the tendons and strengthening the bone, avoiding consumptive diseases due to the use of yang-stimulating drugs, etc.; for example, the patients can use the unique classical remedy Minh Mang decoction – a highly effective remedy for nourishing the mental ability. Through the unique combination of 18 herbs, Minh Mang decoction is a comprehensive tonic, necessary to both manual and mental laborers. When using for a long time, the young will be intensified the vigor, tonified muscles; the elderly will be more longevous, preventing and treating diseases, especially pain in the muscles and bones, pushing back the aging process and the patients will be revived rapidly.

Ming Mang pill was prepared from the famous formula for about 200 years of Nguyen Dynasty’s excellent doctors – Ming Mang decoction, examined the experimental pharmacology and clinical pharmacology at “Ho Chi Minh city’s centre for education and research of Traditional medicine”

Minh Mang pill
Virility-kidney tonic-mental benefit - vigour

Pharmacist Hung Do Manh - Translate by Pharmacist Phu Tran Ho Thanh

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