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Sanqi (Radix Panasis notoginseng Araliaceae) has long been famous among the common people for the effects of hemostasis, nourishing blood especially for women after delivery. However, in the market nowadays, the herb Sanqi is very costly and at high risks of being falsified. Thus, if the customers are not the specialists with sufficient modern machines and equipments, it is quite difficult to distinguish genuine Sanqi from other plants with almost the same or similar appearance but with no or less therapeutic effects such as Gynura segetum (L.) Merr belonging to the family Asteraceae,Stablianthus thorelii gagnep belonging to the family Zingiberacea, or Panax bipinna tifidus Seem; not mentioning that if the customers find out the genuine Sanqi, there probably exists a risk that the herb was deprived of active pharmaceutical ingredients and soaked with other substances to deceptively improve the appearance of the herb in an effort to cheat customers.

With sufficient modern equipments and highly professional human resources to strictly control and standardize the input material medical resources, as well as methods of extraction to optimally achieve pharmaceutical ingredients with wanted therapeutic effects and through a modern soft capsule production line, the product Sanqi OPC soft capsule is the rare product in the Vietnam’s market with Sanqi as the only pharmaceutical ingredient with credible quality. 

Sanqi (Radix Panasis notoginseng Araliaceae) Tam that OPC

Based on ancient medical literature, modern pharmacological researchers have been discovered several precious effects of Sanqi such as:
- Effects of hemostasis, resolving blood stasis, unblocking the stagnation and improving circulation, increasing blood flow in the coronary artery, reducing blood pressure, treating arrhythmias, reducing blood lipid, counteracting atherosclerosis, decreasing the oxygen consumption of the myocardia, relieving myocardial workload and applied to treat coronary insufficiency. 
- Effects of replenishing the blood, resolving swelling, alleviating pain and anti-inflammation. 
- Effects of boosting energy, increasing body resistance power, improving adaptability to harmful factors.
- Effects of stimulating the nervous system, anti-depression. 
- Effects of inhibiting tumors, limiting the tumor cell metastasis. 
- Effect of anti-senility.

Therefore, besides on-label indications (used in case of anemia, dizziness, vertigo, insomnia, fatigue, especially for women after delivery; hemorrhages caused by motrorrhagia, trauma, epistasis, hemoptysis, hematuria, etc.), Sanqi is also used in other cases of hemorrhages with blood congestion such as pricking pain in the chest and abdomen, dysmenorrhea, postpartum blood stasis abdominal pain; upper gastrointestinal bleeding, hematochezia; bleeding and blood congestion in eyes causing redness, swelling and pain.

Fengshi OPC- Sanqi’s role in treating bone and joint problems:

Owing to the effects of activating the blood circulation, dissipating blood stasis, resolving swell, alleviating pain, anti-inflammation, Sanqi is also applied in rheumatism capsule Fengshi OPC, a product undergoing a clinical research with high effectiveness on patients with nonspecific arthritis (With such symptoms as intercostal neuralgia, neck-shoulder pain, aching limbs, backache, aching joints) at “National Institute of traditional medicine and pharmacy” with the results as follow:


Therapeutic effectiveness (Level of progression)

After 3 days

After 6 days

After 12 days









Hot flashes




Limb coldness, joint fatigue, back strain


Swelling, hot, redness

> 73,7%

> 81,8%

> 90,0%

Limited movement





Fengshi is not poisonous, doesn’t change the liver and kidney functions and doesn’t cause any adverse effects clinically. The mechanism of action of the remedy is the combination of the unblocking meridians effects, alleviating pain, resolving mass and dissipating edema, removing wind-dampness, numbness and paralysis, strengthening ligaments and joints of processed Strychnos nux-vomica, expelling wind and eliminating dampness, strengthening ligaments and joints of Xixian (Herba Siegesbeckiae) and Wujiapi (Cortex Schefflerae octophyllae), with the effects of dissipating congestion, hemostasis, resolving swelling and alleviating pain of Sanqi.

Arthritis capsule FENGSHI OPC

“Yiwei danshen yin, gong tong Si wu tang” (Just Salvia decoction has the effects of The Classical Decoction of Four drugs)

According to medical literature, Danshen (Radix Salviae multiorrhizae Lamiaceae) is bitter in flavor, cold in nature and manifests its therapeutic actions in the heart and liver meridians, has the effects of activating blood, unblocking meridians, resolving stasis and mass, alleviating pain, inhibiting the growth of tumors, reducing blood pressure and blood sugar level. The above proverb means that just a herb Danshen has the effects equivalent to the famous remedy “Si wu tang” – a classical and important remedy of harmonizing and tonifying the blood because Danshen owns effects of both 4 herbs in the remedy, such as nourishing blood and promoting the production of blood better than Danggui (Radix Angelicae sinensis) and Shudi (Radix Rehmanniae gluticosae praeparata), regulating and astringing the blood as good as Baishao(Radix Paeoniae alba) and removing blood stasis and promoting the production of new blood exceeding Chuanxiong (Rhizoma Ligustici). In conclusion, Danshen is an invaluable herb in the aspect of blood and vessel, especially for the effects of activating the blood and dissipating blood stasis.

Danshen (Radix Salviae multiorrhizae Lamiaceae)

Danshen is also a herb usually appearing in remedies to support and treat several forms of cancer such as liver cancer, cervical cancer, stomach cancer and esophagus cancer thanks to its effects of removing stasis and mass, alleviating pain, suppressing tumor proliferation, improving immune function of the body and inhibiting the formation of free radicals.

Modern researches prove that Danshen has positive effects on cardiovascular system such as vasodilation, enhancing blood flow in the coronary artery, improving microcirculation, positively preventing and treating myocardial ischemia and necrosis, strengthening endurance of cardiac cells to hypoxia, adjusting dyslipidemia, inhibiting and slowing down the formation of atherosclerosis plaques, inhibiting platelet aggregation and anticoagulation, etc. According to the researches, Danshen is usually combined with other activating-blood medicines such as Sanqi, Honghua (Flos Carthami), etc. to cure heart problems such as cerebral circulatory deficiency, cerebrovascular accidents, hypertension, myocardial infarction, coronary insufficiency, retinal hemorrhage, superficial thrombophlebitis, etc.

OPCardio- The combination of the 2 precious herbs Danshen and Sanqi both having effects on cardiovascular system. 

OPCardio was derived from the famous remedy named “Fufang Danshen tablet”. OPCardio is prepared in form of hard capsule with convenience for use and stable quality owing to carefully controlling the input resource of herbs and all the steps in the manufacturing process of the factory complying with GMP WHO specifications.

The combination of the two precious herbs Danshen and Sanqi which have similar comprehensive effects on cardiovascular system, especially the beneficial effects on coronary artery such as relaxing the smooth muscles that support the coronary artery, improving coronary microcirculation, treating atherosclerosis, adjusting heart rates and blood pressure, in line with Borneol not only having cardiotonic effects but also acting as an important buffer in the herbal product to increase the absorption rate of pharmaceutical ingredients into the circulatory system, contributing to significantly boost the therapeutic efficacy clinically. Besides on-label indications (preventing and treating atherosclerosis and angina pectoris), OPCardio is also highly effective in preventing and treating such popular heart problems as cerebral circulatory insufficiency, hypertension, superficial thrombophlebitis (stretched and dilated veins of the legs as one of the most common problems) and cerebrovascular accident.

Pharmacist Phu Tran Ho Thanh

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