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Mimosa - english name and also branch name of Mimosa pudica L. Mimosaceae, also called “shame tree” since its leaves shrink whenever the tree is touched. Mimosa is a medicinal herb constitutes the formula of Sedative tablet MIMOSA®.

Momosa – name of a flower with simple, pure and charming beauty is immersed into poem and literature, especially the love song “MIMOSA where you come from”.

Through the survey carried out in the Fair of Vietnam High Quality Goods, Mimosa is appraised with the highest rate 9/10 because the name MIMOSA® is easy to read, easy to remember.

Sleep is natural physiology of the body. Sleep is a temporary mood that the body takes a rest thoroughly and recovers the health state after a working day. Sleeping soundly with a full duration is the optimal way to recover the nervous system of the brain and the muscle. Scientists of the Havard Medical University has performed an experiment on sleep and found out that the ability to solve a mathematics exercise of a person with “sound and sufficient sleep” in a previous night is double successful in comparison with that of a person with loss of sleep. Brigham & Women Hospital (Boston, USA) has carried out the sleep study investigating the effects of sleep on heart health and has proclaimed a conclusion: “an enough sleep is the best for the heart”. Vietnamese people have a well-known folk saying: “It's blissful as fairy to have good appetite and sound sleep” .

Sleep plays an impotent role to help stabilize physiological activities and is extremely vital for one’s life. Each person has different daily sleeping demand, children need to sleep 10-14 hours each day, but adults need only 4-9 hours each day. Gender also influences amount of sleeping time, female need to sleep 1 hour more than male. However, to evaluate whether the sleep is soundly or badly, it not only rely on sleeping duration but also pay attention to the quality of sleep, such as healthy feeling, cheerful and dynamic mental mood, passion of work after sleep.

According to mental specialists, insomnia is a state that a person can not go to sleep or can not maintain sleeping during night, or more simply saying insomnia is a state that a person do not have sufficient sleep. Shortage of comfortable sleep is very popular, seen in 20-50% of population in different countries. Statistically data shows that there are about 20% of mature people and 50% of the elderly complaining about insomnia in America; there are 20% of population complaining with their family doctor about sleep difficulty in Australia; patients with insomnia account for 10 – 20% in mental department in Vietnam. Insomnia may cause fatigue mood when awaking in the morning, feeling of vital shortage, concentration lack, anger, hot temper, etc. Today, insomnia is recognised one of the causes that effecting remarkably to one’s health state and quality of life as well, especially for the elderly.

There are many causes of insomnia, but generally insomnia is classified into 2 groups:

  • Insomnia caused by activities: stimulants (tobacco, coffee, etc.), full stomach in the evening, disorder of sleeping schedule, stress, anxiety, unreasonable distribution of sleeping time, etc.
  • Insomnia by physical cause: drug administration (drugs containing caffeine, corticoid, hormone of thyroid gland, diuretic, hypertension drug, Methyldopa, etc.), diseases (pain due to rhinitis, duodenum ulcer,  or disease of muscle - bone - joint, chest pain, breath difficulty, night urination, depression, etc.).

According to insomnia treatment center and medical department, 75% of insomnia patients may result from mental disorder, 60-90% of insomnia patients may result from depression, 50% of insomnia patients may result from terror or anxiety. In order to have a sound sleep, it is advisory to apply no drug therapy for all kind of patients, these are geriatric gymnastics exercises, making a relax and tranquil environment for sleeping, avoiding of food and beverage containing stimulants, keeping hands and legs warm, etc. On principle of treatment, we needs to avoid causes of insomnia, or take sedatives in combination with drugs treating cause of disease.

Today, there are many drugs for treatment of insomnia. Prescribed modern medicines are Seduxen, Valium, Stinox, Xanax, Temesta, Lexomil, etc. are administrated by a doctor in a short term use because they cause drug dependant and memory decline in long term use, cause side effects such as exhaustion, vague, daytime sleep, headache, dizziness, nausea, mouth dryness, sluggishness, concentration loss, etc.  Medicinal herbs which calm the nerve are used popularly in traditional medicine such as: Tuber Stephaniae glabrae, Folium Nelumbinis, Herba Passiflorae, Folium Erythrinae, Herba Mimosae pudicae, etc.


Herba Mimosae pudicae has warm property, bitter and sourish taste, relieves pain, tranquillizes the mind, prolongs sleeping time.
Herba Passiflorae tranquillizes the mind; treats cardiac palpitation, anxiety and insomnia.
Folium Erythrinae inhibits central nervous system, calms the mind, causes sleeping, reduces blood pressure
Folium Nelumbinis has bitter taste, neutral property, tranquillizes the mind.
Tuber Stephaniae glabrae contains rotudin which has been widely clinically-employed as a sedative and a hypnotic since 1944.

Sedative tablet MIMOSA® of OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company is prepared with the unique combination of 5 medicinal herbs which belong to heart-nourishing and nerve-calming category and have been used popularly for a long time in folk people of Vietnam.
Formula of Sedative tablet MIMOSA®:
Tuber Stephaniae glabrae                                150mg
Folium Nelumbinis                                          180mg
Herba Passiflorae                                           600mg
Folium Erythrinae                                           600mg 
Herba Mimosae pudicae                                 638mg
Excipients   sqf   1 tablet.
Research on experimental pharmacology and clinical pharmacology manifests that:

  • MIMOSA® has no toxicity.
  • MIMOSA® has rather strong sedative effect.
  • MIMOSA® does not cause drug dependence, can be used for a long time.
  • MIMOSA® induces sound sleep associated with comfortable wakening.
  • MIMOSA® slightly reduces blood pressure in patients with hypertension.

Sedative tablet MIMOSA® is used in case of insomnia or sleeplessness, mental depression. Sedative tablet MIMOSA® can be used as alternative therapy for diazepam in the patients with diazepam dependence. Regularly dosage for adults is 1-2 tablets each time, it is taken orally 30-60 minutes prior to bedtime or as prescribed by the Physician. Sedative tablet MIMOSA® is contraindicated for people driving vehicles or operating machinery.
Beside the unique and preeminent combination in the formula as mentioned above, the application of modern herbal extraction and manufacturing technology in production procedure has increased the bioavailability in oral route of Sedative tablet MIMOSA®.
Quality of sleep is improved manifestly for insomnia people, people feel healthy and has comfortable mental mood after awaking, and especially MIMOSA® almost causes no drug dependence, does not influence memory decline, does not cause side effect. For these above mentioned advantage, customers has taken into account and decide to use sedative tablet MIMOSA® more than other domestic and imported sedative pharmaceutical products in the market.

By Master Pharmacist Lan Nguyen Thi Ngoc - Translate by Master Pharmacist Dan Tran Ngoc

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