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Human’s eating and living habits in modern life and the increasing pollution have caused negative effects on human health, making liver and biliary tract diseases such as hepatitis, liver fibrosis, impaired liver function, ... more and more popular.

Among medications used for prevention and treatment of hepato-biliary diseases, herbal medicines are currently dominant. Of which, popular medicines include ones that have been widely recognized for a long time such as: artichoke, ivy morning glory, glinus oppositifolius and chamber bitter.

According to the book named “Vietnamese medicinal plants and drugs” by the author Do Tat Loi, artichoke contains the main active ingredients of Cynarin, as well as inulin, tannins and organic salts. Artichoke is proven to increase bile production, and have diuretic effects.

Ivy morning glory contains Pharbitin, which is a substance that has the effect of increasing the contraction of digestive muscles. As a result, ivy morning glory is used as a drug for enhancing bile production.  

In his Medicinal plants dictionary, Mr. Vo Van Chi said that glinus oppositifolius is a medicinal plant containing saponins, especially Spergulagenin A. This is a medicinal herb that is usually prescribed by physicians to treat liver diseases and jaundice. 

Chamber bitter is a popular medicinal herb grown wildly in Vietnam. People often sun-dry this medicine, then cook and take it to treat liver diseases.

Based on experience gained in the traditional medicine and modern formulation technology, Liverbil of OPC Pharmaceutical JSC is one of few products which combine many medicinal plants that have functions of liver protection.

Mỗi viên nang cứng chứa:
Cao đặc Actisô              40mg
Tương ứng với:
Actisô (Folium Cynarae scolymi)         400mg
Cao đặc Bìm bìm biếc            40mg
Tương ứng với:
Bìm bìm biếc (Semen Pharbitidis)  400 mg
Cao đặc Rau đắng đất - Diệp hạ châu   80mg
Tương ứng với:
Rau đắng đất         400mg
(Herba Glini oppositifolii)                  
Diệp hạ châu         400mg
(Herba Phyllanthi urinariae)           
Tá dược            vừa đủ 1 viên
Mỗi viên nang mềm chứa:
Cao khô                 320 mg
Tương ứng với:
Actisô          400mg
(Folium Cynarae scolymi)        
Bìm bìm biếc       400mg
(Semen Ipomoeae)                    
Rau đắng đất          400mg
(Herba Glini oppositifolii)          
Diệp hạ châu           400mg
(Herba Phyllanthi urinariae)    
Tá dược            vừa đủ 1 viên

In addition to making non-stop improvements of product quality, OPC has made big investments in clinical pharmacology testing to obtain evidence of the pharmacological effects of our products. The trials were conducted through a partnership between our company and the Department of Pharmacology and Biochemistry, National Institute of Medicinal Materials from January to May 2015.

To examine its ability in liver protection, Liverbil was tested on a model of causing acute hepatitis in mice by paracetamol. The trial findings suggested that when white mice took capsules of Liverbil which are equivalent to human dose for 8 consecutive days, positive effects on hepatitis caused by paracetamol were observed. Specifically, Liverbil helped reduce the increase in activity of serum enzymes including ALT and AST caused by Paracetamol.

Its liver protection effects are also demonstrated by testing on a model of causing acute hepatitis in mice by Ethanol. Mice receiving an oral dose equivalent to human dose for 5 consecutive days were observed an inhibitory effect on activity of liver enzyme ALT caused by Ethanol, which may be due to inhibition of TBARS formation.

To examine its effects on bile production, Liverbil showed that it helps increase in bile secretion in white mice after taking Liverbil for 4 consecutive days. Effects were observed at a dose equivalent to human dose and at a dose two times the human dose.

In addition to these findings, Liverbil is also diuretic (boosting urinary excretion and sodium ion excretion). In trials on acute toxicity, Liverbil also demonstrated its safety in terms of acute toxicity and semi-chronic toxicity.

Above findings are important evidences of the safety and effectiveness of Liverbil so that patients and physicians do not worry about anything when using the product.

 3359   02/08/2018
Pharmacist Pham Ngoc Huy

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