ROYAPI 100mg

For 1 soft-gel 500mg:
Royal jelly .........................................100 mg
Soya oil, gelatine, glycerol, titanium dioxide, propyl p-hydroxybenzoat. 
- Royal jelly contains valuable nutrients such as amino acids, many of which can not be synthetized by the body - particularly cysteine, organic acids, many types of vitamin - particularly vitamin B2, hormones, some kinds of enzym, minerals. 
- Royal jelly is highly nourishing, stimulates the central part of the brain, pituitary gland, suprarenal gland, promotes blood circulation, harmonizes the function of the senile organs in the body.

- Used as tonic, supportive treatment for some nervous diseases, digestion disturbance, anaemia.
- Used in the following cases: convalescents; elderly; malnutrition children; post natal women suffering from anaemia, oligogalactia, anorexia, insomnia.
- ROYAPI also has ability to inhibit pathogenous bacteria, reduces stress in overwork people and improves immune system.
Take orally 1 soft-gel each time, 2 times a day.
Note: this product is not a medicine, and should not be taken as a substitution for medicine.
This product is contraindicated in people with hypersensitivity to Royal jelly, people with hypertension, disease of circulatory tract, asthma, Addison disease due to hormonal function decline of suprarenal gland.

Women in menstrual period should not take Royal jelly to avoid side effects which is not helpful for the health.
Soft-gels. Box of  3 blisters x 10 soft-gels.
in dry and cool place, temperature below 30oC.
24 months from manufacturing date.
Enterprise standard

Royal jelly is a condensed mixture, as white as milk, enriching with energy and hormones, secreted by mason bees for feeding the queen bee. This special food is produced inside the body of mason bees and is the unique food for the queen bee, and thus is called “royal jelly”.

Scientific researches show that Royal jelly offers a complex mixture of compounds containing as much as 22 types of amino acids, many of which can not be synthetized by the body, particularly cysteine; many types of vitamin as: A,C,D, K, B1, B3, B5, B7, B9, B12 and particularly B2, etc. minerals which is essential for the body as Ca, Mg, K, Zn, Cu, Mn, etc. and some kinds of enzym, these all are beneficial for the body’s immune sytem. 

Especially, Royal jelly contains several hormones stimulating growing and improving evidently physiological function.

Chinese and Japanese have taken royal jelly as a type of tonic for several centuries  to fortify the health, to resist against ageing, to help skin beauty, to enhance vitality, to improve immune capacity and to prolong longevity.

According to scientists, royal jelly, produced in form of capsule, has the same quality and efficacy to royal jelly in form of liquid. Actually, capsules can keep royal jelly longer in preservation and lesser in change of quality, whereas liquid royal jelly is difficult to be kept in good condition.

Consequently, OPC Pharmaceutical JSC., a well-known company specializing in manufacturing herbal medicine today, produces royal jelly is in form of softgel ROYAPI, which is mordern, scientific and hygienic.

Softgel ROYAPI is really a perfect choice.

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