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Business Partners

OPC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Aribio Company (Korea)
and Canadian Vita Company (Canada) to effectively exploit the resources and advantages of the two sides. Especially the transfer and application of AI technology in the preparation and production of health supplements and drugs derived from Vietnamese medicinal herbs.

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Aribio H&B Co., Ltd (Korea)

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Canadian Vita Corporation (Canada)

Business networks


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Business networks

OPC builds a distribution system with 09 branches operating mainly in provinces and cities such as Hanoi, Nghe An, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Vung Tau, Mien Dong, Ho Chi Minh City, Tien Giang, and Can Tho. The team of pharmacists has covered all of Vietnam.

Herbal Cultivation Areas


Herbal Cultivation Areas

In order to secure a supply of clean and safe medicinal herbs, in March 2010, OPC Bac Giang Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company was established with the main role of organizing the cultivation and harvesting of medicinal herbs, processing and extracting medicinal herbs at the source.

Currently, OPC owns many medicinal herb cultivation areas that meet the GACP-WHO standards in various provinces throughout Vietnam, such as: Desmodium styracifolium, Leonurus japonicus Houtt, Folium Erythrinae and Mimosa pudica L in Bac Giang province; Lotus leaf in Dong Thap province; and Coleus crassifolius Benth in Can Tho City.

The medicinal herb cultivation areas play an important role in OPC’s strategy of stabilizing the supply of raw materials, with a focus on research and development of medicinal herbal products that are high-quality, effective, and safe.

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OPC continues to strongly expand its distribution network overseas, encompassing traditional markets in Nigeria, Laos, Cambodia, Moldova, the Philippines, Russia, and is also venturing into new markets such as Canada, South Korea, Thailand, Myanmar. These efforts contribute to increasing export revenue, establishing a solid foundation for the company’s global market expansion strategy

Business Fields

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Trading, cultivation and processing of medicinal plants for production

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Scientific and technical consulting services and technologytransfer in the field of healthcare

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Production and Trading of Alcoholic Beverages,Carbonated Drinks, and other Beverages

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Manufacturing, Trading, Processing, Importing, and Exporting: Traditional Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Nature- based Medicines,…

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Manufacturing, Trading, Processing, Importing, and Exporting: Traditional Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Nature- based Medicines,…

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Production and Business of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Supplies, Machinery, Medical Equipment, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Food Products, Functional Foods,…

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Modern production line

By taking control of cultivation areas and herbal processing, OPC also ownsthe largest pharmaceutical production line factory in Vietnam, equipped with advanced production technology following EU standards. Our facilitiescomplied with the mandatory GMP-WHO standards for manufacturingequipment.
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Advanced research technology

The research and development of products is one of OPC’s key focuses in executing strategic missions in the fields of investment and the development of groundbreaking new products for disease prevention and treatment.

In addition to human resources, OPC has invested in high-tech equipment in the R&D pilot room, including various clusters of machines such as high-speed mixer granulator machines, fluidized bed dryer machines, table coating machines, sugar coating machines, and a pilot-scale tablet compression machine, along with an optimized system in the testing laboratory, consisting of HPLC instrument clusters, GC instrument clusters, atomic absorption spectrometer clusters, and notably equipped.

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