In order to standardize and bring high quality, truly safe and effective products to consumers, both to preserve, proactively and develop clean medicinal sources, and to create livelihoods for millions of farming households. people. OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company has pioneered the construction of medicinal herb growing areas according to GACP standards (Standards of Good Cultivation and Collection of Medicinal Herbs), which is a standard for medicinal herbs to ensure the quality of medicinal herbs. Output is always guaranteed and limits the influence of a number of factors such as genetic factors (genes of medicinal herbs), human factors (cultivation techniques, harvesting…), environmental factors (conditioning). microbiological conditions, temperature, disease…) in localities with suitable soil for each type of medicinal herb on the S-shaped land range.

In June 2020, the Department of Traditional Medicine and Pharmacy Administration awarded the GACP-WHO certificate to the medicinal herb growing area of Polyscias fruticosa  on an area of 7.2 hectares of the Company in Chu Se district, Gia Lai province.

The Polyscias fruticosa plant (also known as the fish salad plant) is a species of plant belonging to the genus Polyscias (genus Polyscias fruticosa). Polyscias fruticosa is a familiar plant in Vietnam, grown in many places for both ornamental purposes and traditional medicine. Polyscias fruticosa is called “poor man’s ginseng” because of many good effects like Ginseng but at a low price suitable for many people’s budgets. Scientists have isolated eight types of saponins from the Polyscias fruticosa plant. In addition to the same saponin composition as Ginseng, Posmodium Polyscias fruticosa also contains many vitamins B1, B2, B6, vitamin C and 20 amino acids necessary for the body. The medicinal herb Polyscias fruticosa is used for many therapeutic uses such as: nourishing and purifying the body, treating fatigue, treating anemia, hives, rashes… It is expected that in the near future, OPC company will launch a combination product of Polyscias fruticosa + Ginkgo biloba with the trade name Brain Nourishing Pills OP.BRAIN F, this is a unique formula combination that helps treat cerebral circulatory insufficiency with symptoms such as headaches and insomnia. , dizziness, tinnitus, vertigo, loss of balance. Before the Polyscias fruticosa medicinal herb, OPC company was also awarded a GACP-WHO certificate by the Traditional Medicine and Pharmacy Administration for Kim Tien Thao medicinal herbs (2018) and Ich Mau (2018) through its affiliate company OPC Bac Giang. This is a company with the mission of building a standard medicinal herb growing area and supplying high-quality medicinal herbs to the OPC factory, helping OPC company comprehensively control the quality from planting, harvesting to extracting and producing medicine. . In a situation where “medicinal waste” is not well controlled, patients should prioritize using drugs from medicinal herbs with input materials that meet advanced quality management standards (such as GACP-WHO) to avoid wasting money. lose disability. OPC is a pioneering company and always strives to build standard medicinal herb growing areas to match its leading position in Vietnam’s medicinal herb industry.