1. Return conditions

Customers need to check the condition of the goods and can exchange/return the goods in the following cases:

  • The goods do not match the type or design in the order placed or on the website at the time of ordering.
  • Not enough quantity, not enough sets as in the order.
  • External conditions are affected such as torn packaging, peeling, breakage…
  • The goods are defective due to the manufacturer.

You can check the goods right at the time of receipt and may not receive the goods if one of the above errors occurs. In case the goods are inspected later, the goods will be notified and sent within the time period specified in section 3.

2. In case return is not applicable

  • Goods with opened bottles and jars for solution/suspension/emulsion products. For tablet products that have been opened, they can still be exchanged/returned if there is a manufacturer error.
  • The time since receiving the goods has exceeded the specified time frame for exchange/return (specified in “Product warranty and return process”).
  • Goods in promotional programs clearly state non-return conditions.

3. Regulations on notification time and sending returned products

  • Return notification time: within 72 hours from receipt of product in case the product is not as ordered, or broken; within 7 days for manufacturer defects. Notification method: call 0377 2410 77 or email
  • Time taken by OPC Pharmaceuticals to return the product: within 14 days from receipt of the returned product from the Buyer
  • Product return location: customers can bring goods directly to the company or send them by post at the delivery address below.
  • Delivery address: 1017 Hong Bang, Ward 12, District 6, City. Ho Chi Minh (online business department).

4. Regulations on request processing time

  • Request response: within a maximum of 2 hours after receiving the notification, OPC Pharmaceuticals must review and respond to the customer’s request. The response can be a request for more information/acceptance/rejection of the request.
  • Notification of decision: up to 2 days after receiving the product, OPC Pharmaceuticals must notify the customer of the decision whether to accept the return request or not. Notification channel is the channel where customers send requests (email, phone…).
  • Returns and refunds: channels to receive new goods or refunds depending on the agreement of both parties. Refund time (if any) is maximum 5 days after receiving the returned item.

In case you have comments/complaints related to product quality, please contact our customer care line 1800555518.