1. General principles

OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (OPC PHARMA) owns and operates the e-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com. This website serves all customers in 63 provinces and cities of Vietnam, including customers who are interested in OPC products but do not have time to go to pharmacies nationwide.

All products sold at shop.opcpharma.com comply with all legal regulations. They do not include counterfeit, untraceable, or imported products. Trading activities at shop.opcpharma.com are carried out in a transparent and open manner, and guarantee the rights of consumers.

2. General regulations

Domain name of the E-commerce website:

The e-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com was developed by OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as: “OPC PHARMA“). The website has a domain name of shop.opcpharma.com (hereinafter referred to as: “e-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com“)

General definitions:

  • Seller: OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company
  • Buyer: Vietnamese citizens across 63 provinces and cities. Buyers have the right to register an account or not to register to make transactions.
  • Member: Includes both buyers and those who refer to information and discuss on the website.

The content of this Regulation complies with the current regulations of Vietnam. When participating in the e-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com, members must find out their legal responsibilities for the current laws of Vietnam and commit to implementing the contents of this Regulation.

3. Transaction process

For shoppers at website shop.opcpharma.com

Step 1: Find the product to buy.

Step 2: View the price and detailed information of that product. If you agree to order, select the quantity and click the “Add to cart” button.

Step 3: Please fill in all information according to purchase according to the form:

Full name; Phone number; Email, address

  • Choose delivery method: Door to door delivery
  • Choose payment method: Cash upon delivery or bank transfer

Step 4: After receiving the buyer’s order, shop.opcpharma.com will contact the customer via the phone number provided by the customer using switchboard 0377.2410.77 to authenticate the order information.

Step 5: shop.opcpharma.com delivers products to customers’ homes

For sellers

Preparation for content production includes: actual product images or images provided by the manufacturer, introductory articles, and product information.

Enter data using a separate management tool for OPC PHARMA employees.

Image formats used on the website: jpg, png.

Shipping and receiving process

shop.opcpharma.com delivers nationwide. When receiving an order from the buyer and after confirming the purchase information over the phone, shop.opcpharma.com will proceed with delivery according to the customer’s request.

Free delivery for invoices from 400,000 VND.

For inter-province/city delivery orders or orders under 400,000 VND, OPC PHARMA staff will advise in detail on the most convenient delivery method. Shipping costs and shipping time will be provided to customers when staff call to advise customers.

Allocation of responsibilities of traders and logistics service providers for providing goods documents during the delivery process:

All orders are packed and ready for shipping by OPC PHARMA.

The shipping company will only be responsible for shipping goods under the principle of “original packaging, original container”.

All orders have the following information on the packaging:

  • Recipient information, including: name, phone number and address of the recipient
  • Order tracking number

To ensure the safety of goods, OPC PHARMA will send along a valid tax invoice or warehouse receipt of the product in the package (if available).

Tax invoices or warehouse receipts are the basis for supporting the complaint handling process such as: determining the market value of goods, ensuring the legality of goods circulation, etc.

Time of inspection

After receiving the goods, customers check and find that they are wrong. They can contact the e-commerce department via hotline 0377.2410.77 for return support. Note, please record a video when opening the box for comparison when necessary.

Scope of goods inspection

Customers can check the product after receiving it from the delivery staff according to the following criteria:

  • According to the basic attributes of goods including: product name, unit of measure, quantity, dosage form, concentration (content), packaging specifications, etc.
  • According to the model shown by the product’s photo is saved when making the order and after being confirmed by the staff.
  • Note that during the goods inspection process, customers do not peel or open product boxes with seals or guarantee stamps.

Conditions for returning products

  • Customers need to check the condition of the goods and can exchange/return the goods in the following cases:
  • The goods do not match the type or design in the order placed or on the website at the time of ordering.
  • Not enough quantity, not enough sets as in the order.
  • External conditions are affected such as torn packaging, peeling, breakage…
  • The goods are defective due to the manufacturer.

You can check the goods right at the time of receipt and may not receive the goods if one of the above errors occurs. In case the goods are inspected later, the goods will be notified and sent within the time period specified in section 3.

In case return is not applicable

  • Goods with opened bottles and jars for solution/suspension/emulsion products. For tablet products that have been opened, they can still be exchanged/returned if there is a manufacturer error.
  • The time since receiving the goods has exceeded the specified exchange/return time frame. (specified in “Product warranty and return process” of Section 3. Transaction regulations)
  • Goods in promotional programs clearly state non-return conditions.

Warranty and product return process

  • Return notification time: within 72 hours from receipt of product in case the product is not as ordered, or broken; within 7 days for manufacturer defects.
  • Notification method: call 0377.2410.77 or email opc_online@opcpharma.com.
  • Product return time: within 14 days from receipt of product.
  • Product return location: customers can bring goods directly to the company or send them by post.
  • Delivery address: 1017 Hong Bang, Ward 12, District 6, City. Ho Chi Minh (online business department)

4. Payment process

Buyers can refer to the following payment methods and apply the appropriate method:

Method 1: Cash on delivery (COD)

  • Step 1: Buyers inquire about the product information posted.

  • Step 2: Buyers verify the order (phone, text message, email).

  • Step 3: The seller confirms the buyer’s information.

  • Step 4: The seller ships the goods.

  • Step 5: Buyers pay in cash and receive the goods.

Method 2: Online payment via bank transfer:

  • Step 1: Buyers inquire about the product and service information posted.

  • Step 2: Buyers verify the order (phone, text message, email).

  • Step 3: The seller confirms the buyer’s information.

  • Step 4: Buyers make payment.

  • Step 5: The seller ships the goods.

  • Step 6: Buyers check and receive the goods.

5. Transaction security

The website management team of shop.opcpharma.com has used security services to protect information about product content on the website to ensure that transactions are successful and minimize potential risks.

Buyers should provide complete information (name, address, phone number, email) when participating in shop.opcpharma.com purchases so that we can contact the buyer in case of problems.

To protect the interests of buyers and minimize potential risks, in the case of transactions receiving goods at the buyer’s home, then the buyer should only pay after checking the goods in detail and being satisfied with the product.

6. Customer information security

a. Purpose and scope of collection

shop.opcpharma.com commits to keeping your personal information confidential. Please read the “Privacy Policy” below to understand the commitments we make, in order to respect and protect the rights of visitors:

Personal information of customers including: Email, Full name, phone number, contact information… is used by shop.opcpharma.com to serve the transaction as well as consulting, confirming orders.

Customers are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and authenticity of the information provided to shop.opcpharma.com. In case customers provide inaccurate or untrue information, shop.opcpharma.com is not responsible for resolving related issues.

b. Scope of use of information

shop.opcpharma.com collects and uses customer personal information for purposes that are appropriate and fully comply with the content of this “Privacy Policy”. When necessary, we may use this information to contact you directly in the following forms: confirm order, send order.

c. Address of the unit collecting and managing personal information

Business registration address: 1017 Hong Bang, Ward 12, District 6, Ho Chi Minh City

Office: 1017 Hong Bang, Ward 12, District 6, Ho Chi Minh City

Office phone number: 028 3751 7111

d. Tools and methods for users to access and edit personal data

Currently, the website is still in the process of developing a member’s personal information management page. To access and edit personal data, we apply the following methods:

Call the customer service hotline:

If users want to change or update their personal information, they can call the number 1800 5555 18 or 0377 2410 77. The information reception staff will support editing as requested.

e. Commitment to customer personal information security

The personal information of members on shop.opcpharma.com is committed to absolute confidentiality in accordance with the privacy policy of shop.opcpharma.com. The collection and use of each member’s information is only carried out with the consent of the customer and except in cases where the law provides otherwise.

Do not use, transfer, provide or disclose to any third party about the personal information of members without the consent of the member.

shop.opcpharma.com requires individuals when registering / purchasing goods as members, must provide complete relevant personal information such as: Full name, contact address, email, phone number and be responsible for the legal nature of the information on shop.opcpharma.com is not responsible and does not resolve all complaints related to the rights of that Member if it is found that all personal information of that Member provided at the time of registration is not accurate.

7. Managing bad information

Membership regulations

Members ensure confidentiality and maintain safety for all service use activities by protecting their personal registration name and password information. If there is any unauthorized use, abuse, breach of security, or disclosure of the registration name and password to a third party, the member is responsible for promptly notifying the e-commerce website shop.opcpharma. com for appropriate handling measures.

Members are not allowed to perform the following actions with the service provided by the e-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com, unless there is explicit consent from the website:

  1. You may not change, modify, assign, copy, transmit, distribute, or make available to third parties any part of the service.
  2. Do not create tools or applications similar to services without the approval of the e-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com according to the Regulations.
  3. Do not take actions that may discredit the e-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com, including using a second registered name, through a third party or propagating information that may negatively affect the reputation of the shop.opcpharma.com website. extremely prestigious of the e-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com.

8. Responsibility in case of technical errors

E-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com commits to doing its best to ensure the safety and stability of the entire technical system. However, in case a problem occurs due to an error on the part of shop.opcpharma.com, we will immediately apply the necessary measures to protect the interests of shoppers.

Members conducting transactions on the website must strictly comply with the instructions provided.

The management board of the e-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com is committed to providing the best quality service to all members participating in transactions. In case of technical errors or objective problems that result in members being unable to participate in transactions, we request members to notify us via email address opc_online@opcpharma.com  or phone number. Phone 0377.2410.77 (working hours from 7:30 – 16:30 from Monday to Friday). We will fix the error in the shortest time, creating favorable conditions for members to make transactions on the e-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com.

However, we are not responsible for resolving problems that arise in case of notification from members who cannot coordinate with the Management Board, or due to technical errors, transmission errors or other problems. caused by the Management Board.

9. Rights and obligations of the Management Board of e-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com

a. Rights of the Management Board of shop.opcpharma.com

E-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com will provide services and products to customers after completing the required procedures and conditions stated. Service policies will be developed and published on the website shop.opcpharma.com.

In case a member provides information that is inaccurate, misleading, incomplete or violates the law or Vietnamese customs and traditions, shop.opcpharma.com has the right to refuse, suspend or terminate the right to use member services.

E-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com has the right to terminate membership rights and members’ rights to use services if they violate the website’s regulations or commit acts that affect business activities on the website.

In the event of discovery of activity that may create liability, fraud, counterfeiting, market disruption or violation of the law, shop.opcpharma.com may immediately terminate the right to use the service and membership rights.

Upon termination of membership and rights to use the services, all membership certifications and rights will be terminated.

E-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com holds the copyright to use services and content on the website in accordance with the law on intellectual property protection in Vietnam. Any illegal copying, use and dissemination of these proprietary rights is strictly prohibited.

Shop.opcpharma.com has the right to change service price lists and payment methods according to its needs and conditions.

b. Obligations of the Management Board of shop.opcpharma.com

E-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com is responsible for building and deploying services by performing the following important tasks:

  • Research, design and purchase necessary hardware and software equipment to ensure website operation. This includes connecting to the Internet and developing policies to serve the operation of the e-commerce website opcpharma.com within the allowed scope and conditions.
  • Cooperate and deploy with partners to build a service system and utility tools to support transactions of members and users on the website.
  • Ensure to maintain the normal operation of the website and fix problems such as technical, system, personnel errors, natural disasters, power outages and other factors that may affect the website’s operation. However, in the case of incidents beyond its control (such as force majeure incidents), the website is not jointly responsible for damages caused to members.
  • Develop and implement mechanisms to ensure information posting on the website occurs accurately.
  • Do not post information about goods and services on the list of prohibited business according to the law and goods restricted from business according to the provisions of Circular 47/2014/TT-BCT.

10. Rights and responsibilities of members participating in the e-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com

a. Rights of Members of e-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com

When registering to become a member of shop.opcpharma.com and being approved by shop.opcpharma.com, members will be able to participate in discussions, evaluate products, and purchase goods at shop.opcpharma.com.

Members have the right to contribute opinions to the e-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com during its operation. Recommendations are sent directly by letter, fax or email to the e-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com.

b. Obligations of Members of e-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com

Members are responsible for maintaining confidentiality and security for all use of the service under their registered name, password and personal email address.

Members commit to provide accurate information to the e-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com and ensure that the information posted on the website is accurate.

Members are not allowed to perform actions such as changing, editing, copying, transmitting, distributing or providing to third parties any part of the services provided by the e-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com, without consent E-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com.

Members are not allowed to take actions that damage the reputation of the e-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com in any form, including using a second registered name, through a third party or propagating information. may negatively affect the reputation of the website.

11. Terms apply

Any disputes arising between e-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com and members will be resolved based on negotiation. In case the agreement is not achieved as expected, either party has the right to bring the case to the competent People’s Court in Ho Chi Minh City for resolution.

The validity of the Regulations of the e-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com will begin from the date of signing the Decision issued together with this Regulation. E-commerce website shop.opcpharma.com has the right and can change these Regulations by posting on the website shop.opcpharma.com to notify all members. Amendments to the Regulations will take effect from the date of the Decision on amending the Regulations. Continuing to use the service after the revised Regulations are published and implemented will mean that members have accepted and agreed to comply with the amendments in these Regulations.