Besides hand sanitizer and nasal spray, mouthwash is an effective method to help prevent viruses from entering the respiratory tract. Physiological saline is a solution containing NaCl with a concentration of 0.9%, this is an isotonic solution with an osmotic pressure equivalent to the body so it does not harm the mucosa when rinsed many times a day.

1. Prepare physiological saline We can easily prepare physiological saline by taking the correct amount of salt and adding it to pure water (9g of salt for 1 liter of water). If you want more convenience, OPC Pharma has the product OPC Salt Gargle Tablets. OPC mouthwash salt tablets are a new product of OPC Pharma, each tablet mixed with 100ml of water is enough for 1 use. With compact features, easy to put in your bag or backpack, OPC Salt Gargle Tablets are convenient for you to take with you to work or school.
 2. GargleAfter preparing physiological saline, suck 20 – 30ml each time and rinse thoroughly for 30 seconds. You should rinse for at least 30 seconds (or longer) to effectively remove bacteria. Repeat this 2 – 3 times.

3. Gargling The oropharynx is considered the last stop before pathogens enter the body and cause respiratory diseases. Therefore, rinsing your mouth is not enough, we need to rinse our throat after rinsing to prevent the entry of bacteria and viruses. To gargle, suck 20 – 30ml of physiological saline and then tilt your neck up to make a throat movement (making sounds in the throat). You can tilt your head to the left or right to let the saline solution penetrate the crevices, and finally spit out the solution. Repeat the movement several times. 4. Rinse with water Many people still think that after using salt water, they must keep it intact and not rinse with filtered water to be effective. But the advice here is to rinse your mouth with clean water to wash away all the salt as well as the plaque that came off when rinsing your mouth or throat with salt water. You should rinse your mouth with filtered water after using salt water. You should rinse your mouth and throat several times a day following the steps above to prevent respiratory diseases, especially after suspected exposure to pathogens to minimize the risk of infection. In addition to mouthwash and other personal hygiene methods, we should use medications containing vitamin C to increase immunity, helping the body better cope with pathogens.