After a period of turmoil due to the impact of the epidemic, consumption trends are also more stringent and require Vietnamese goods to be closer in quality to regional and world goods. With the mission of “Elevating the spirit of Vietnamese goods”, the High Quality Vietnamese Goods program has evoked consumer support for Vietnamese goods and has truly turned the spirit of Vietnamese goods into an effective competitiveness. on domestic and foreign markets. On the evening of March 29, 2022 at Rex Hotel – Ho Chi Minh City, the High Quality Vietnamese Goods Business Association awarded the certificate of “High Quality Vietnamese Goods 2022” voted by consumers to 524 businesses. Among them, OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company is an enterprise that has won this award for 25 consecutive years. Maintaining the title of high-quality Vietnamese products for 25 years with the trust and love of consumers is the pride and motivation for OPC Pharmaceutical to constantly research, improve product quality, and maintain its position. and OPC brand value to meet customer trust and expectations.