On September 29, 2020, the Vietnam National Brand Council issued a Decision to recognize 124 businesses with a total of 283 products as Vietnam National Brand in 2020. Accordingly, OPC is proud to be an enterprise Only 07 consecutive times to be recognized as a National Brand associated with the following products: OPC Eucalyptus Oil brand “Mother holding baby”, OPC Kim Tien Thao kidney stone treatment “Ong Gia” brand, HoAstex Syrup, Hoan Luc taste – Kidneyton Yin Kidney Tonic, Fengshi OPC Rheumatism Pills.

With the right strategy and vision, maintaining core values, and taking pride in being a National Brand, OPC  is always determined to maintain its commitment to provide reputable, quality products at reasonable prices. and the best customer service. OPC is aiming for a vision of the near future – becoming a strong pharmaceutical corporation in Vietnam

The Vietnam National Brand Program (THQG) is a specific, long-term and unique trade promotion program of the Government to build and develop the national brand through product brands of businesses with other countries. activities to attract investment, promote culture and tourism, thereby building Vietnam’s national brand into a positive, attractive and attractive image for importers, tourists and investors. investors, workers and consumers in domestic and international markets.

Within the framework of the Program, every 2 years, the Ministry of Industry and Trade organizes a Ceremony to announce businesses with products achieving National Branding to encourage businesses to continue sharing and pursuing the values of the Brand Program. Vietnam is Quality – Innovation, Creativity – Pioneering Capacity.