Implementing plan No. 16/KH-CDYT of the Executive Committee of the Vietnam Medical Union, along with activities to celebrate Youth Workers’ Month 2020, the OPC Trade Union had 04 union members honored to receive Certificates of Merit from the Executive Committee of the Medical Union. Vietnam Medical Union for its outstanding achievements in the good labor emulation movement in 2020. This is an annual commendation and evaluation activity of the Vietnam Medical Union to honor individuals with great efforts and contributions. Actively contribute to production and business as well as union activities.

Representative of the OPC Trade Union awarded certificates of merit to the Vietnam Health Union to individuals who achieved the following achievements:

Anh Khương Thanh Tuấn – Tổ trưởng tổ Chiết xuất –
CBDL nhận bằng khen
Anh Trần Hoàng Dũng – Nhân viên
P. Kế hoạch Cung ứng
Chị Phạm Thị Tơ – Tổ trưởng Công đoàn,
Nhân viên P. Điều phối Bán hàng
Chị Nguyễn Thị Mai Trinh – Tổ trưởng Công đoàn,
Nhân viên Chi nhánh Cần Thơ