On the morning of October 24, 2020, the Opening Ceremony of the Fifth District 6 Labor and Armed Forces Sports Festival took place solemnly at the Headquarters of OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the OPC Party Committee, District 6 Standing Committee and more than 40 athletes and fans from units under the District Youth Union. This is a sports festival to celebrate the success of the City Party Congress. The 11th Ho Chi Minh City Congress – term (2020-2025), celebrating the 38th traditional day of the City’s Youth Workers. HCM (October 15, 1982-October 15, 2020) & 43 years of establishment of OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (October 24, 1977-October 24, 2020).

After the opening ceremony, exciting matches took place including: tennis, table tennis and matches from the semi-finals of badminton men’s and women’s doubles and men’s doubles. The qualifying matches of badminton took place earlier on October 23 at the OPC sports club. With the spirit of trying their best and with the enthusiastic support of the fans; The participating teams competed with the spirit of fairplay but no less thrilling, giving the audience beautiful shots, kicks, and exciting score races.

This is also an opportunity for District 6 Labor and Armed Forces units to have the opportunity to exchange, learn, and strengthen solidarity and close relationships, contributing to the development of the Youth Union movement and the youth of the districts. Youth Union establishments in particular and District Youth Unions in general.

Some pictures of the sports festival:

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