“STRESS”, is an increasingly popular and familiar word that you can hear every day and from anyone. So what is STRESS? Why is STRESS mentioned so much?

STRESS, also known as stress, is a group of reactions of the body to pressures or factors that affect the body and mind. With typical symptoms such as: anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, headaches, loss of concentration, forgetfulness, irritability, irritability…

Society is increasingly developing, resulting in an increasing need for self-improvement of each individual. Invisibly, that is the pressure that each of us must bear, not only in terms of study, work, but also in terms of family and social relationships… that is why STRESS is mentioned. so much.

STRESS greatly affects the psychology, causing feelings of fatigue, discomfort, and easily getting angry, leading to negative behaviors such as not being on time, being irritable, and even turning to beer, alcohol, or other substances. Stimulation has negative effects on health and those around you. Prolonged STRESS can lead to depression, and is also the opportunity for other diseases to appear, of which the most commonly mentioned is cerebral circulatory insufficiency.

Cerebral circulatory insufficiency is a pathological condition in which blood circulation to the brain is reduced, reducing the supply of oxygen and nutrients, causing the brain to lack energy, affecting the normal functioning of the brain. At mild levels, the disease causes dizziness, loss of strength, memory loss, poor concentration and inability to control emotions, affecting work, study and social relationships. As the disease progresses, the patient will stutter, lose memory, become mentally unstable and potentially have a stroke leading to disability or death. The reasons for the increase in cerebral circulatory insufficiency in young people are:

Regularly do stressful mental work.
STRESS due to pressure from life, work, family.
Passive lifestyle, heavily dependent on machinery and vehicles.
It doesn’t move, doesn’t exercise much.
High-protein, high-fat diet.
Not in the habit of paying attention to health changes.

How to prevent STRESS?

Identify factors that cause STRESS to take measures to eliminate, reduce or shorten the time under stress.
Exercise your body: not only choosing a suitable sport, cleaning the house, cooking, and watering plants also help you feel more relaxed and less stressed.
Healthy lifestyle: moderate activity, enough sleep and correct biological rhythm. Build positive, optimistic thinking, maintain relationships with friends, clubs, and groups.
Nutrition: A healthy body will protect you against external factors that cause STRESS. Avoid excessive use of caffeine, alcohol, and other stimulants. Make sure you have a diet rich in nutrients and regularly supplement foods that can reduce stress such as salmon, okra, oatmeal, dark chocolate, potatoes, etc. kiwi, spinach, green tea, sunflower seeds, oranges, matcha powder, especially ginkgo biloba – used for a long time in traditional medicine with the effects of activating blood, nourishing the brain, and circulating blood. Increase memory,…

Ginkgo Biloba is a fruit originating from China, currently also grown in Vietnam. Modern medical research shows that ginkgo contains flavonoids, terpenes, and organic acids. These ingredients have the effect of increasing blood circulation, enhancing nerve conduction in the brain, increasing memory and concentration, helping the elderly restore memory, treat drowsiness, insomnia, and poor memory. , or irritability of the elderly.

“O.P.CAN Brain Nutrition Pills” is a product of OPCPharma, with the main ingredient being dried Ginkgo biloba extract. The medicine has antioxidant effects, prevents the harmful effects of free radicals, and improves symptoms. caused by STRESS, treats memory loss and poor concentration, especially in the elderly. Increases vessel wall strength, increases circulation, improves blood and oxygen supply to the brain to help treat circulatory insufficiency In addition, “OPCAN Brain Supplement” also has the effect of inhibiting platelet activating factor, preventing platelet aggregation, preventing thrombosis and stroke.

Along with O.P.CAN Brain Nutrition Pills is the product “OP.Brain F Brain Nutrition Pills”, with 2.5 times higher Ginkgo biloba content. At the same time, add Polyscias fruticosa – a medicinal herb that has the effect of nourishing blood, helping to increase strength and endurance of the body. Polyscias fruticosa is used in many remedies to treat fatigue and physical weakness. OP.Brain F brain supplements are recommended for people with weak physical condition who need nourishment, and patients for whom the dosage of O.P.CAN brain supplements is not sufficient.