On June 19, 2020, OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, stock code OPC, held the 2020 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders at Headquarters No. 1017 Hong Bang, Ward 12, District 6, City. Ho Chi Minh. Although the organization time was postponed compared to the original plan (expected April 10, 2020) due to the general impact of the epidemic situation, this Congress still has the large participation of shareholders. , takes place in a solemn and serious atmosphere but no less cozy and open. The Congress summarized, analyzed and evaluated the Company’s operating results in 2019, and discussed and approved the operating directions for 2020. All agenda items were voted for approval. with high consensus.

In 2019, the Company’s leadership and employees made every effort to complete the planned targets approved by the 2019 General Meeting of Shareholders. Accordingly, total revenue in 2019 is 861.7 billion VND, reaching 101% over the same period in 2018. Profit before tax is 130.4 billion VND, reaching 109% of the year’s plan and 111% over the same period of the year. 2018. Stable employee income, average 16.7 million VND/month, an increase of 10% compared to 2018; Dividends for shareholders were approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders at 30% of charter capital, an increase of 50% compared to the 2019 plan and compared to 2018 implementation.

2020, a truly difficult year due to the impact of the epidemic and economic recession, however, the Board of Directors and employees of OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company are determined to complete the production and business plan and other goals. The key tasks for 2020 have been approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders. Specifically, revenue: 815 billion VND, Profit before tax: 130 billion VND; Synchronously implement solutions on human resources, products, technology, markets… ensuring stable growth and sustainable development orientation.

Some pictures at the conference: