For 1 bottle of 20 ml:
- Methylene blue.....................400mg
- Gentian violet........................50 mg
- Water) s.q.f............................60 ml

Milian solution contains Methylene blue and Gentian violet that are strong disinfectants, applying topically to mucus membrane.
Methylene blue has unrecovered bond with nucleic acid of virus and break virus’s molecules apart while exposure in light.
Gentian violet treat infection in skin and mucus membrane caused by Candida albicans such as Candida in mouth, vagina, nail inflammation, etc.

Use topically to treat external virus such as eczema (commonly caused by Herpes simplex), impetigo, skin inflammation with pus, skin infection.
Rinse the wound, apply Milian solution topically 2-3 time per day, within 3 day.
It should not be used for patients with hypersensitivity to any ingredient of the medicine.
Do not use in case of open wound, very wide ulcer or ulcer in the face.
Gentian violet may cause irritation and ulcer for mucus membrane.
Avoid contacting directly with the eyes
It should be used cautiously for pregnant women and lactating women.
Milian solution may cause irritation, may cause hypersensitivity reaction and may cause ulcer for mucous membrane.
Skin is violet blue while applying Milian solution.
Inform the doctor immediately if any undesirable effect occurs while using the medicine.
External use solution. Bottle of 20 ml.
in a cool and dry place, temperature below 300C, protected from light, close tightly immediately after use.
24 months from manufacturing date.
Manufacturer’s Specification.

Keep out of the reach of children
Read carefully the leaflet before use
For any further information, please consult your physician.
For external use only, do not take orally.