Limiting contact in a complicated epidemic situation with many new mutations is essential, however the burden of making a living forces us to adapt and live with the epidemic, which means that each person You must equip yourself with essential items when leaving the house and when interacting with people outside the family.

One of the indispensable items in effective disease prevention is Euca-OPC Inhalation Tablets – a product of OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company prepared and extracted on a modern production line meeting GMP – WHO standards. with ingredients from natural essential oils with high antiseptic properties such as: Menthol, Eucalyptol, Camphor used to inhale when having a cold, disinfecting the nose and throat.

With 1 – 2 Euca-OPC nebulizers and 100ml of boiling water, you can disinfect your nose and throat anywhere, from places with closed spaces such as hospitals, factories, offices, restaurants, hotels. , spas to market stalls still effectively prevent epidemics while helping to refresh the spirit and improve work performance.

Euca-OPC vaporizer tablets are a medicine so they have high purity, content and essence meet the standards allowed by the Drug Administration of Vietnam – Ministry of Health of Vietnam. Product quality is always stable and does not harm health when used regularly. Euca-OPC vaporizer tablets dissolve quickly in water and have a protective film that keeps the essential oil scent for a long time and spreads gently, creating relaxation for the user. The product is conveniently packaged, easy to carry when traveling and at a very reasonable price.