A runny nose and stuffy nose are common symptoms during the changing seasons. OPC Pharma launches the new product AIR-SAT OPC NOSE SPRAY with the main ingredient deep sea salt water to help quickly reduce these unpleasant symptoms.

Climate change and environmental changes lead to many health consequences, especially sensitive organs such as the nose, throat, etc. In recent years, diseases related to the respiratory system have been increasing, especially especially diseases of the external respiratory tract. The nose is the most sensitive part and the first part of the respiratory system, so each season changes and the weather changes erratically, making us susceptible to allergies, sneezing, and discomfort. Leading cause of respiratory diseases such as allergic rhinitis, sinusitis,…
Using nasal spray products helps remove dirt and mucus, minimizes the risk of and supports the treatment of allergic rhinitis and sinusitis. In particular, with deep sea salt water, the nasal spray product has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent effects, and restores weakened mucosa, thereby preventing runny nose, stuffy nose and sinusitis…



Understanding that need, OPC Pharma conducted research and launched the product AIR-SAT OPC NOSE SPRAY made from deep sea salt water to create the following effects:

• By creating fine mist particles that gently penetrate deep into the nasal cavity, it can remove nasal discharge and mucus.

• Helps disinfect, fight inflammation, and thin mucus to prevent runny nose, stuffy nose, sinusitis and allergic rhinitis.

• Helps restore natural moisture and regenerate damaged nasal mucosa cells.

• Helps with ventilation and easy breathing, creating a comfortable, cool feeling.



The product is developed into 2 lines: for children and for adults. The product line for adults is a combination of deep sea salt water and natural scent from mint that not only creates a feeling of airiness and refreshment but also enhances antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects.