Gargling with salt water is a method that has been used by many people to protect oral health for a long time. Especially in cases of sore throat, gingivitis, swollen and painful gums, etc.

Salt is mainly composed of NaCl (Sodium chloride), so it absorbs water molecules, losing moisture so bacteria cannot grow and develop. By increasing the pH in the mouth, salt also has an alkalinizing effect, preventing the proliferation of bacteria that grow well in an acidic environment.

For that reason, before the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, experts recommended daily gargling with salt water to be used in conjunction with 5K compliance to prevent the virus from penetrating deep into the respiratory system. . But people are more concerned about how to use salt water properly, because some people have used too much homemade salt water, leading to dryness of the oral mucosa and irritation, causing more coughing.

Saline that meets antiseptic standards is salt water with a concentration of 0.9%, is an isotonic solution, has the same osmotic pressure as body fluids (blood, tears, etc.) under normal conditions. Because to disinfect, when mixing salt water, the mixing ingredients such as salt and water must be sterile.

With a modern production line meeting GMP – WHO standards, OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company has launched the product OPC Salt Gargle Tablets. Just dissolve 01 OPC effervescent mouthwash salt tablet into 100 ml of filtered water, purified water or cooled boiled water. You will immediately have 0.9% physiological saline to gargle your mouth, throat, clean your teeth, prevent the growth of bacteria, support the treatment and prevention of diseases in the mouth, nose, pharynx, throat and other areas. disease transmitted through the respiratory tract.

OPC mouthwash salt tablets are effervescent, packaged in a very convenient tube, easy to store and convenient to carry with you when traveling.

OPC salt rinse tablets – medicinal salt water, safe and convenient.