Receiving the invitation of the International Biotechnology Innovation Organization, the delegation of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam under the leadership of Deputy Minister Do Xuan Tuyen had a trip to attend the 2023 International Biology Conference (BioConvention 2023). ) in Boston, USA from June 5 – June 8, 2023. The delegation included representatives of the Ministry of Health, Pharmaceutical Business Association, Pharmaceutical Corporation and representatives of Vietnamese Pharmaceutical enterprises, including Ms. Pham Thi Xuan Huong – General Director of OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company.

The 2023 International Biology Conference (BioConvention 2023) is a major international event held annually in the United States in the field of biology and especially biopharmaceuticals. The conference attracts the participation of leading government agencies, investment promoters, financial funds, and biological product manufacturing researchers from more than 65 countries around the world.

Within the framework of the business trip, the delegation visited and worked at Pfizer Corporation’s headquarters in New York, Brigham & Women’s Hospital (part of Harvard Medical University) – leading research facilities in biomedicine and pharmaceuticals. study in the United States. In addition to attending a series of events, the Vietnamese Ministry of Health delegation also had working sessions with scientists, researchers, Vietnamese international students in the United States, and businesses. America, businesses attending the conference, BIO Australia delegation and Biomed Company.

Along with socio-economic development, in recent years, Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry, including biopharmaceuticals, has made strong developments and achieved many achievements. However, the development of Vietnam’s biotechnology industry is still not commensurate with its potential; Biotechnology capacity has not met the requirements of socio-economic development in the context of strongly developing science and technology; Some important areas of biotechnology have not kept pace with countries in the region and the world; Bioindustry has not yet become an important economic and technical sector. The business trip has opened up many opportunities for OPC Pharmacy in particular and Vietnamese medicine in general to access and receive support and cooperation from international partners as well as Vietnamese international students who are always looking forward to the development of the country’s biopharmaceutical industry. This promotes investment and technology transfer for the production of drugs, vaccines, and medical biological products, creating conditions for Vietnamese people to access diverse pharmaceutical sources and advanced care and treatment methods. progress globally.