On the morning of April 29, 2022, OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company with stock code OPC held the 2022 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders at the Headquarters Hall (1017 Hong Bang, Ward 12, District 6, HCMC). The meeting summarizes and evaluates the Company’s performance in 2021, discussing and agreeing on the contents and direction of operations in 2022.

The year 2021 was severely affected by the Covid epidemic, the supply chain was completely disrupted, production and business activities were almost paralyzed due to many localities implementing blockade and social distancing. Despite the difficulties, OPC leaders and employees have proactively adapted and strived to successfully complete the planned targets approved by the 2021 General Meeting of Shareholders. Accordingly, Revenue and Profit before tax in 2021 have grown very impressively, reaching VND 1,000 billion. Specifically, Total revenue: 1,126 billion VND, reaching 115% of the plan and increasing 17% over the same period. Profit before tax: 159 billion VND, reaching 115% of the plan and increasing 20% over the same period.

Continuing to promote that spirit, the Board of Directors and employees of OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company are determined to exceed the production and business plan and key tasks in 2022 approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders. through. Specifically, revenue: 1,340 billion VND, Profit before tax: 177 billion VND; Issuing shares to increase charter capital from 265,772,800,000 VND to 651,143,360,000 VND and synchronously implementing solutions on human resources, products, technology, markets… to ensure stable growth and development orientation sustainable development.

Some pictures at the conference:


Ông Lê Văn Sơn – Chủ tịch HĐQT trình bày báo cáo hoạt động của HĐQT

Bà Phạm Thị Xuân Hương – Tổng Giám đốc báo cáo hoạt động của Ban điều hành

Bà Kiều Thị Minh Hồng – Trưởng BKS báo cáo hoạt động của BKS

Ông Nguyễn Hải Dương – Thành viên HĐQT trình bày tờ trình tăng vốn điều lệ

Bà Hàn Thị Khánh Vinh – Thành viên HĐQT trình bày tờ trình phân phối lợi nhuận

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