3 years ago, masks suddenly became an extremely HOT item when the pandemic first started. Then there were a series of blockade and quarantine events and thousands of people passed away, leaving behind countless painful losses. It is a pain that certainly none of us can forget or neglect in disease prevention.

Currently, the COVID-19 epidemic has calmed down. However, the threat of an epidemic outbreak is still waiting and can arise at any time. Recently, in Prey Veng province – Cambodia, one death was recorded among two cases detected infected with highly pathogenic H5N1 virus on February 24, 2023.

Faced with that urgent situation, the President of Ho Chi Minh City immediately proposed measures to prevent avian flu epidemic when Prey Veng province shares a border with Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City closely monitors people entering from flu epidemic areas, organizes quarantine of poultry and waterfowl transported into Vietnam through the border gate, and early detects flu outbreaks in poultry as well as clusters of cases. Respiratory infections of unknown cause in people in the community.

To prevent H5N1 avian influenza, people are recommended to strengthen personal hygiene measures, not trade or use poultry or poultry products that die of unknown cause, regularly wash hands with hand sanitizer and Wear a mask when going out.

To prevent the spread of flu and respiratory diseases in general, nasopharyngeal inhalation has been applied by many people during the recent epidemic and achieved good preventive effects. Many localities have included this method of nasopharyngeal inhalation into their epidemic prevention guidelines and widely applied it to local communities.

Disease prevention is still difficult. According to forecasts, the 19th century will be the century in which epidemics are the greatest danger to humanity with a series of dangerous epidemics such as COVID, H5N1, SARS, Ebola… People need to increase their vigilance and comply with management agencies’ epidemic prevention instructions to win this new war.