Squid apricot is a medicinal herb in traditional medicine, often called O Thich Cot. O esculenta Hoyle is the washed, dried or dried carapace of the squid (Sepia esculenta Hoyle). According to traditional medicine, squid shells have a salty taste, warm properties, and the ability to clear blood vessels, eliminate cold, and clear blood. Squid shells are often used to treat bleeding, stomach and duodenal ulcer pain, and gonorrhea (women have abnormal bleeding outside of their cycles). Except for the back and abdominal edges, which have a hard texture, the entire squid shell can be easily crushed with a fingernail into a fine powder.


According to research, the composition of squid shell contains many substances that neutralize stomach acid and protect the stomach such as sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, pectin… Squid shell medicinal powder is added to 10% HCl solution. There will be foam and most of it will dissolve. The effects of squid shell on stomach diseases are shown through:

Calcium carbonate in squid shell helps neutralize gastric acid, thereby helping to reduce symptoms of heartburn, acid reflux, and stomach pain…

Pectin in squid shell helps form a mucus layer around the mucosa of the ulcer, helping to limit the impact of gastric acid and making the ulcer heal faster.

Squid shell also has anticholinergic properties that help inhibit the secretion of gastric acid.

Traditional medicine uses the hemostatic (hemostatic) effect of squid shells in remedies to treat bleeding in open wounds (combined with pine pollen, mothballs sprinkled on the wound); vomiting blood (combined with white decoction to drink); hemorrhage (combined with many other medicinal herbs and taken daily).


Previously, squid apricot was only used to drink directly (in powder form) or decocted (when combined with medicinal herbs). However, the solubility of squid shell is quite poor, so its effectiveness will be limited. To overcome that drawback, OPC Pharma with modern preparation technology has produced products containing squid shell in the form of effervescent tablets. This dosage form has the advantage of fast dissolution rate, helping the active ingredient to distribute evenly in the solution after mixing. NORMO OPC with ingredients including squid shell, magnesium oxide prepared in effervescent tablet form has the effect of helping to neutralize gastric acid, helping to reduce symptoms caused by stomach and duodenal ulcers, belching, heartburn, epigastric pain.


NORMO OPC is a quite unique product that simultaneously combines an active medicinal ingredient (hoc coc) and an active Western medicine ingredient (magnesium oxide) to help increase the effect of neutralizing gastric acid. Magnesium oxide when dissolved in water will form magnesium hydroxide, this is an active ingredient that neutralizes stomach acid, improving indigestion. Magnesium may stimulate bowel movements leading to diarrhea in some people. Besides, squid apricot is a medicinal herb often used in traditional medicine to stop bleeding and treat stomach ulcers. Squid apricot is temperate and tends to cause constipation when used long term. Therefore, NORMO OPC with the combination of two active ingredients has the same effect of neutralizing gastric acid, preventing stomach ulcers, but has the opposite effect of diarrhea and constipation to help balance the digestive tract.
NORMO OPC is used for children 6 years and older and adults, people with stomach and duodenal ulcers due to excess gastric acid.