Every year when the humid rainy season arrives, health issues concerning young children always make parents worried and anxious. Let’s join OPC PHARMA to learn about common symptoms and methods to protect the health of your beloved child during this weather.

The children a red rash and itching.

When the weather is humid, high humidity in the air will hinder the body’s natural cooling mechanism and cause dehydration. High humidity prevents sweat from evaporating, leading to clogged hair follicles on the skin, resulting in itching, red rashes, and allergies.

Solution:  Remind the child to drink plenty of water, even before the child feels thirsty. Limit touching, scratching directly on the red spots, and do not use any ointments on the skin without a doctor’s prescription.

Các bệnh ở trẻ khi trời nồm ẩm và cách chăm sóc

The children have a cough, a runny nose, and a stuffy nose.

High humidity creates conditions for bacteria, viruses, and mold to grow, causing respiratory diseases such as sore throat, runny nose, or affecting asthma.

Solution: Keep the space in the house always clean, airy, dry, tidy up the damp-prone areas in the house.


If the child has the following symptoms:

1. Cought, throat inflammation: The child uses syrups to treat coughs from medicinal herbs.  

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COUGH PREPARATION FOR CHILDREN OPC: Treat respiratory infections, coughs, colds, productive coughs, sore throats.

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2. Stuffy nose, runny nose: clean the nasal cavity with nasal spray products. 


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3. Regularly wash your nose and rinse your mouth: Prevent bacteria from entering the respiratory tract

OPC SALT MOUTHWASH TABLET: Prevents the growth of bacteria in the mouth and prevents oral, pharyngeal and pharyngeal problems.

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Diarrhea in children

One of the eternal problems that gives parents headaches every time the rainy season comes is diarrhea in children. Although it is a familiar problem, especially during the rainy season, acute diarrhea caused by Rotavirus can become dangerous and out of control.

Solution: Be more careful with the food your baby consumes, avoid letting your baby come into contact with dirty objects and then put their hands in their mouths. In addition, if your baby has conditions such as fever, dehydration, or vomiting a lot, take your baby to a medical facility for check-up.


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