On the evening of March 14, 2024, the High-Quality Vietnamese Goods (HQVG) Business Association organized the announcement ceremony of the High-Quality Vietnamese Goods 2024 with the theme: “HQVG Enterprises on a New Development Journey” at the Thong Nhat Conference Hall. OPC PHARMA is honored to continue holding this prestigious title.

Over nearly three decades, the HQVG program has always been on the right track, always updating, innovating, and timely meeting development requirements. In the program’s recent development, from the initial goal of raising awareness and promoting the use of Vietnamese goods, it has now moved on to issues of standardization and is heading straight towards the green-clean-digital criteria, the dominant trends of the world for Vietnamese enterprises to enhance competitiveness.

With the HQVG title for many consecutive years, it has guaranteed the quality of products and the trust of consumers in OPC PHARMA. With over 45 years of experience in the Vietnamese market in general and the pharmaceutical industry in particular, OPC PHARMA has affirmed its position as one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, pioneering in capturing market trends in extraction technology, product research, developing cultivation areas of medicinal materials according to GACP-WHO standards,… We will continuously strive to bring high-quality products, actively contribute to the sustainable development of the community and society. OPC PHARMA is proud to be the place where Vietnamese families entrust their trust on the journey of healthcare.

Dược OPC đạt danh hiệu Hàng Việt Nam Chất Lượng Cao 2024