Flu is a manifestation of typhoid in Oriental medicine. The main reason is that righteous energy weakens and evil energy takes advantage of the opportunity to invade and cause illness. Or the respiratory system’s ability to filter air is poor, so bacteria and viruses have the opportunity to penetrate the body when the resistance is weak or the patient has a history of allergic rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsils… When exposed to polluted air, dust, mold or weather changes, the body cannot adapt in time, causing illness…

After the body is infected with a cold (flu), symptoms will appear such as fatigue, bone and joint pain, coughing, sneezing, and runny nose. This condition will quickly improve if the body is warmed up and some oriental medicine is used to restore the body.

In folk medicine, people often use leaves (medicinal herbs) containing essential oils such as: lemongrass leaves, grapefruit leaves, mugwort, basil, mint, perilla, bowl leaves, etc. Cook a pot of leaves to relieve colds. However, finding medicinal herbs today is more difficult, especially for people living in urban areas.

OPC Pharma (formerly known as TW26 Pharmaceutical Enterprise) with over 43 years of experience specializes in manufacturing and supplying to the market products derived from nature with the majority of essential oils such as OPC Eucalyptus Oil (OPC Eucalyptus Oil). Khuynh Diep mother holding her baby), Ethnic oil, Solar hot oil…

With increasingly modern preparation techniques, OPC Pharma has researched and prepared the product “Euca-OPC Inhalation Tablets” derived from natural essential oils with strong antiseptic properties, mild fragrance and convenient use and packaging. Convenient (soft capsules in blister packs Box of 2 blister packs x 10 capsules).

The main ingredients of the product include:

Menthol 24 mg
Eucalyptol 24 mg
Camphor 24 mg

Euca OPC Steam Tablets

Usage is very simple: take 2 tablets each time, 1-2 times a day. Put 2 tablets in a pot containing about 2 liters of just boiling water, cover with a blanket, steam for 10 – 15 minutes (steam to treat flu) or take 1 tablet each time, steam 1-2 times a day. Put 1 tablet in a glass of water containing about 300ml of just boiling water, cover with a paper funnel, and inhale into the nose or throat (nasopharyngeal disinfection).

Reasonable price and convenient use are very suitable for many people, especially office workers and people living in urban areas when they have the flu.

During the flu period, patients can supplement vitamins/minerals to help strengthen the body’s resistance against disease. There is nothing better than using VITA OPC effervescent tablets, a quality product with a sweet smell and taste that contains 8 vitamins and 3 minerals, Zinc, Magnesium, and Calcium, which are very good for health.