Everyone has heard and seen on TV and radio about products containing ivy leaf extract. Medicinal plants sound strange but we still don’t know what they are like or what magical effects they have? This article will help people better understand this precious medicinal plant.

What is Ivy leaf extract?

The Ivy plant’s scientific name is Hedera helix and belongs to the Araliaceae family. In addition, this tree also has a number of other names such as: Perennial plant, Laurel Vine, Grape Leaf Vine, Lvy Vine, Truong Xuan plant. This is a plant that can be both an ideal potted ornamental plant and a very good herbal medicine to treat coughs for children. Ivy leaf extract is an extract from the leaves of the Ivy plant.

Main effects of Ivy Leaf extract

Especially treating respiratory diseases

Since ancient times, Hippocrates – the “Father of Medicine” (460 to 375 BC) has used most parts (roots, leaves, fruits, flowers, etc.) of the Perennial plant to treat many diseases. such as: dysentery, gout, cough, difficulty breathing…

From 1949 to present, more than 20 large-scale, strictly controlled scientific studies have been conducted to evaluate the treatment effectiveness of Ivy leaf extract.

Pharmacological effects of Ivy leaf extract

Ivy leaf extract has the ability to treat acute and chronic respiratory infections accompanied by cough symptoms. Ivy leaves also contain glycoside, an active ingredient that helps relax bronchial smooth muscles, cool the throat mucosa, relieve pain, loosen phlegm, decongest the nose and quickly soothe coughs.

Lá Thường xuân giúp long đờm, giảm ho

OPC understands the unpleasant feeling of coughing and mistakenly continues to promote effective generations of products familiar to Vietnamese people such as HoAstex, OPC Children’s Cough Medicine, OPC Adult Cough Medicine… which are contributing to the treatment of diseases. Cough and asthma in children and adults is very effective and safe. OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company has launched the drug OP.COPAN with the main ingredient being Ivy leaf extract. OP.COPAN has expectorant, antispasmodic, and cough-relieving effects. Used in the symptomatic treatment of dry cough, cough with phlegm in acute respiratory infections and chronic bronchitis.

Thành phần chính: Cao khô lá Thường xuân …….0,63 g
(Extractum Folium Hederae helicis siccus)
(tương đương với 4,10 g lá Thường xuân)

People will wonder why I have to buy OPC’s OP.COPAN product to treat my child’s illness when there are many alternative products on the market.

There are 7 reasons for people to choose and trust OP.COPAN

  • Ivy leaf extract is a valuable medicinal herb to treat coughs
  • Besides relieving coughs, it also has expectorant and antispasmodic effects
  • Treats respiratory infections and helps children breathe easier
  • Herbal taste, easy to drink, attractive to children
  • Raw materials meet standards and are produced at the OPC Pharmaceutical Factory meeting GMP-WHO
  • OP.COPAN is a medicine licensed for circulation by the Ministry of Health
  • Reasonable prices for Vietnamese consumers.