The Covid epidemic has been developing in a complicated manner with new mutations threatening the health and safety of everyone, seriously affecting the economies of localities and provinces affected by the outbreak.

On May 31, 2021, OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, through Thanh Nien Newspaper, donated 100 million VND to support frontline forces in preventing the Covid-19 epidemic. And 1,000 bottles of 70o alcohol, 840 tubes of Multiviatamin, 1,410 bottles of OP.Care dry hand sanitizer gel to local Health Departments.

As a pioneer in the production of medicines from medicinal herbs, in addition to seriously implementing the “5K” message of the Ministry of Health, antiseptic products and vitamin supplements for the body such as: Hand sanitizer gel OP.Care dry, Alcohol 70o, Alcohol 90o, Multivitamin, Vita OPC… are always produced by OPC promptly and at a stable price to help everyone feel secure in epidemic prevention.

The timely support for the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic not only demonstrates the spirit of solidarity, solidarity, and social responsibility of OPC in preserving the safety of the community before the pandemic but also contributes to building build the image of a united, safe and compassionate Vietnam.”